Crypto loyalty program for commerce
The way we reward customers is fundamentally changing. Will your brand be ready?

Tokenize your loyalty points and gift cards

Reduce balance sheet liability by holding a digital asset

Unlock new revenue streams

Improve profitability and cash flow while increasing customer lifetime value

Tap into global crypto capital markets

Gain exposure to the growing cryptocurrency market through the Shoptoken network

No diversity

Traditional loyalty programs
don’t inspire loyalty

Affiliate program

Points that decline in value over time are at odds with goal of rewarding your best customers
Typically set up as a competition between company and customer

Paid loyalty program

Customers outside of the US are difficult to convert
Missed opportunity to include employees and influencers

Use cases

Premium loyalty program

Launch a profitable loyalty program from day one

Influencers and affiliates

Incentivize influencers by compensating them with your own token

Employee engagement

Align incentives with your employees


Supports major commerce platforms and custom implementations

Case study


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