We increase your customer lifetime value
The way we reward customers is fundamentally changing. Will your brand be ready?

Launch a paid membership like Amazon Prime

Eliminate free points programs that customers don't care about and drive incremental sales

Unlock ancillary revenue streams

Improve profitability and cash flow with membership sales

Revenue share with no upfront costs

ShopToken gets paid only after customers start converting and placing incremental orders

No diversity

Traditional loyalty programs
don’t inspire loyalty

Affiliate program

Points that decline in value are at odds with the goal of rewarding your most loyal customers
Typically set up as a competition between company and customer

Paid loyalty program

International customers are difficult to convert into members
Missed opportunity to include employees, influencers and affiliates

Use cases

Premium loyalty program

Launch a paid membership with instant cashback and free shipping benefits

Drive incremental sales

Incentivize customers to spend more and work harder to get more rewards

Offer marketplace benefits

Earn rewards on 300+ grocery stores, retailers, restaurants and travel partners


Supports major commerce platforms and custom integrations

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