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How a Leading Brand Unlocked 307% Increase in LTV with a Subscription-Based Membership Program

1 in 5 customers converted to members with a $79 annual fee
60% of rewards applied to new purchases
234% higher purchase frequency


A leading brand in the retail industry was looking to increase revenue through membership sales and incremental sales. They sought a solution that would drive sales and create a loyal and engaged community of customers.

The ShopToken Solution

The company launched ShopToken’s branded subscription-based membership program, a highly profitable initiative that allowed them to increase revenue while providing more value to its customers.

For an annual fee of $79, members were granted access to the following benefits:
  • 10% back on every purchase in the brand's currency
  • The ability to apply cashback to their next purchase at checkout
  • Exclusive access to member-only flash sales and free shipping events


The brand successfully built a community of loyal members who were highly engaged. They were able to run targeted campaigns such as member-only sales, free shipping events, and pre-launch access to flash sales. This increased revenue and helped create a loyal customer base that continued to purchase from the brand.

User Experience

After checking out, customers are presented with an offer to become a member. When they click ‘Join’, they earn 10% back on the completed purchase and a $20 signup bonus in the brand’s currency. The next time they make a purchase, they can apply their balance to top up the order while earning the next reward.


The brand's successful implementation of ShopToken demonstrates the power of loyalty in driving revenue. By creating a loyal and engaged community of customers, the brand increased revenue through membership sales and incremental sales, ultimately generating 7 figures in measurable loyalty revenue annually.

Are you ready to boost your e-commerce performance with the power of a paid loyalty program?

Contact us today to learn how ShopToken can boost customer loyalty, improve customer satisfaction, drive repeat purchases, increase basket size and minimize your CAC.


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